Before I went to middle school, I lived with my grandparents. At that time, I stayed in the country, which was the most beautiful place for me. Early in the morning, I walked along the country road, appreciating the fresh air. We raised a little dog. He was my best friend, and he accompanied me all the time. No matter what I did and where I went, the little dog was with me and I loved him so much. Sometimes I would pick up the fruit in the garden, sometimes I would catch the fish in the clear river. It was such a happy childhood for me that I will never forget. 
E55Ʊ在我上中学之前,我是和爷爷奶奶一起住在乡下的。对我来说那是最美丽的地方。清晨,我沿着乡间小路漫步,呼吸着新鲜空气。我们养了一条小狗,他是我最好的朋友,他一直都陪着我。无论我做什么,去哪里,小狗都陪着我,我很喜江西快3遗漏_江西快3app下载 - 花少钱中大奖他。E55Ʊ有时我会在花园里摘水果,有时我会在清澈的河里捉鱼。E55Ʊ这对我来说真的是一个快乐的童年,我永远都不会忘记的。