˲ʲƱapp_国际禁毒日 International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking Drugs have been more serious with the development of economy. In the western countries, a lot of young people take drugs. They think it can bring them great joy without much harm. While the fact is that many young people die of abusing drugs. Everyone should stay away from drugs.

June 26th is the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, which reminds people of loving life and refusing to take drugs. Some young people are very curious about drugs and they think they can control themselves, so they try and finally ruin their lives. There are so many examples about people who think they can get out of drugs after they taste it, while no one can escape the nightmare. All of them lose themselves.
6月26日是国际禁毒日,它提醒人们要热江西快3遗漏_江西快3app下载 - 花少钱中大奖生活,拒绝吸毒。˲ʲƱapp有些年轻人对毒品很好奇,他们认为自己可以控制好自己,所以他们试图尝试,最终却毁了自己的生活。有很多这样的例子,都是关于人们认为自己可以在接触过毒品后还能脱离毒品,然而却是没有人可以逃离噩梦,他们都迷失了自己。

Everyone must realize the danger of taking drugs, never try to be curious about it. The way to amuse ourselves are various, such as traveling around the world or reading more books. When we are equipped with knowledge, we won't feel empty. We can find a colorful world by gaining knowledge.