第I卷(选择题 共三大题 65分)
一. 听力部分(略)
二. 单项填空(共20小题,每小题1分)
( )21. What ________fine weather we have these days!
A. a B. the
C. / D. an
( )22. Please keep quiet. If you make a lot of _______, you may disturb others.
A. voice B. noise
C. sound D. singing
( )23. Mrs Jenny gave us ________ on how to learn English well.
A. some advices B. many advices
C. some advice D. an advice
( )24. Do you know the boy sitting between Peter and ________?
A. she B. I
C. his D. me
( )25. -When shall we meet again?
-Make it ________ day you like. It”s all the same to me.
A. one B. any
C. another D. all
( )26. In our class ________ of the students are girls.
A. three fifths B. three fifth
C. third five D. third fifths
( )27. Waste paper and bottles are collected ________ recycling.
A. by B. as
C. for D. from
( )28. Forests help to keep water from running away, ________ drought does not often happen.
A. and B. but
C. so D. though
( )29. The temperature was below zero. It was difficult to ________ the car.
A. move B. get
C. begin D. start
( )30. This kind of skirt looks ________ and sells ________.
A. nice; well B. nice; good
C. well; well D. good; nice
( )31. Could I ________ your telephone? I have something important to tell my parents.
A. keep B. borrow
C. use D. lend
( )32. -________ do you go to Hong Kong?
-Sorry, I”ve never been there.
A. How long B. How often
C. How far D. How soon
( )33. How time flies! Ten years ________ passed.
A. have B. has
C. is D. are
( )34. -Must I write all the words down now?
-No, you ________.
A. mustn”t B. can”t
C. won”t D. needn”t
( )35. -Did you go to Jack”s birthday party?
-No, I _____.
A. am not invited B. wasn”t invited
C. haven”t invited D. didn”t invite
( )36. -Do you feel like ________ or shall we go by bus?
-I prefer to walk, but we have ________ a taxi, for time is short.
A. walking; to take B. to walk; take
C. walking; taken D. to walk; took
( )37. You can”t imagine ________ when they received these nice Christmas presents.
A. how they were excited B. how excited they were
C. how excited were they D. they were how excited
( )38. John fell asleep ________ he was listening to the music.
A. after B. before
C. while D. as soon as
( )39. After playing football for more than half an hour, the students took ________rest.
A. a few minute”s B. a few minutes”
C. a little minute”s D. a little minutes”
( )40. When I looked into the room, I found Philip himself ________ in bed.
A. lies B. lie
C. lay D. lying
二. 阅读理解(共15小题;41-50题,每小题2分;51-55题,每小题1分)
Have you ever been ill? When you are ill, you must be unhappy because your body becomes hot, and there are pains all over your body. You don”t want to work, you stay in bed, feeling very sad.
What makes us ill? It is germs(细菌). Germs are everywhere. They are very small and you can”t find them with your eyes, but you can see them with a microscope. They are very very small and there could be hundreds of them on a very small thing.
Germs are always found in dirty water. When we look at dirty water under the microscope, we shall see them in it. So your father and mother will not let you drink dirty water.
Germs aren”t found only in water. They are found in air and dust. If you cut your finger, if some of the dust from the floor goes into the cut(割开处), some of the germs would go into your finger. Your finger would become big and red, and you will have much pain in it. Sometimes the germs would go into all of your body, and you would have pain everywhere.
( )41. Which of the following is true?
A. If things are very very small, they are germs.
B. If things can”t be seen, they must be germs.
C. Germs are only in dirty water.
D. Germs are everywhere around us.
( )42. What is a microscope used for?
A. Making very very small things look much bigger.
B. Making very big things look much smaller.
C. Helping you read some newspapers.
D. Helping you if you can”t see things clearly.
( )43. Why don”t your parents let you drink dirty water?
A. You haven”t looked at it carefully.
B. Water can”t be drunk in this way.
C. There must be lots of germs in it.
D. Water will make you ill.
( )44. Which of the following is not true?
A. Germs can be found both in water and in the air.
B. Germs can go into your finger if it is cut.
C. If your temperature is not OK, there must be germs in your body.
D. If your finger isn”t cut, there aren”t any germs on it.
( )45. What”s the main idea of the passage?
A. Germs may make us ill.
B. Germs are in dirty water.
C. Don”t drink dirty water.
D. Take care of your fingers.
Hundreds of years ago, a Roman army came north from England to make war on Scotland. The Scots, a brave people, loved their country very much. They fought hard to drive the enemy out of Scotland, but there were too many of the Romans. It looked as if the Romans would win.
One night, the leader of Scots marched his soldiers to the top of a hill. “We will rest here tonight, my men, ”he said, “Tomorrow we will fight one battle. We must win or we will die. ”
They were all very tired, so they ate their supper quickly and fell asleep. There were four guards on duty, but they too, were very tired, and one by one, also fell asleep.
The Romans were not asleep. Quickly they gathered at the foot of the hill. Slowly they climbed up the hillside, taking care not to make a sound. Closer and closer they came to the sleeping Scots. They were almost at the top. A few minutes more, the war would be over. Suddenly, one of them put his foot on a thistle(蓟). He cried out and his sudden cry woke the Scots. In a moment, they were on their feet and ready for battle. The fighting was hard but it did not last long. The Scots wiped the Romans and saved their country.
The thistle is not a beautiful plant. It has sharp needles all over it. Few people like it. But the people of Scotland liked it so much that they made it their national flower.
( )46. Hundreds of years ago there was a war between ______.
A. Roman army and North England
B. Roman army and the Scots
C. England and Scots
D. A brave people and the Scots
( )47. At first it looked as if the Roman would win because ______.
A. the Scots were not brave
B. the Roman army was so strong
C. the Scots did not have a good leader
D. the Romans had the support from the Scottish
( )48. “We must win or we will die. ”What the leader of the Scots said means _____.
A. they were sure to win
B. they couldn”t escape from death
C. they would win and then they would die
D. they must try hard to win, otherwise they would be killed
( )49. The Romans climbed up the hill quietly because _____.
A. they didn”t want to wake the Scots
B. they wanted to reach the top
C. they wanted to catch the four guards first
D. they were afraid of the sharp needles of the thistle
( )50. The people of Scotland made thistle their national flower because ______.
A. it is a beautiful plant
B. it is fresh and lovely
C. it has so many sharp needles all over it
D. it was the thistle that helped the Scots to win the battle
I”ve loved my mother”s desk since I was just tall enough to see above the top of it as Mother sat doing letters (学问). Standing by her chair, looking at the ink bottle, pens, and white paper, I decided that the act of writing must be the most wonderful thing in the world.
Years later, during her final illness, Mother kept different things for my sister and brother. “But the desk, ”she”d said again, “is for Elizabeth. ”
I never saw her anger, never saw her cry. I knew she loved me; she showed it in action. But as a young girl, I wanted heart-to-heart talks between mother and daughter.
They never happened. And a gulf opened between us. I was “too emotional(易动感情的)”. But she lived “on the surface”.
As years passed and I had my own family. I loved my mother and thanked her for our happy family. I wrote to her in careful words and asked her to let me know in any way she chose that she did forgive(原谅)me.
I posted the letter and waited for her answer. None came.
My hope turned to disappointment, then little interest and, finally, peace-it seemed that nothing happened. I couldn”t be sure that the letter had even got to Mother. I only knew that I had written in, and I could stop trying to make her into someone she was not.
Now the present of her desk told me, as she”d never been able to , that she was pleased that writing was my chosen work. I cleaned the desk carefully and found some papers inside-a photo of my father and a one-page letter, folded (折叠)and refolded many times.
Give me an answer, my letter asks, in any way you chose. Mother, you always chose the act that speaks louder than words.
( )51. The writer began to love her mother”s desk _______.
A. after Mother died
B. before she became a writer
C. when she was a child
D. when Mother gave it to her
( )52. The passage shows that _____.
A. Mother was cold on the surface but kind in her heart to her daughter
B. Mother was too serious about everything her daughter had done
C. Mother cared much about her daughter in words
D. Mother wrote to her daughter in careful words
( )53. The word “gulf”in the passage means ______.
A. deep understanding between the old and the young
B. different ideas between the mother and the daughter
C. free talks between mother and daughter
D. part of the sea going far in land
( )54. What did mother do with her daughter”s letter asking for forgiveness?
A. She had never received the letter.
B. For years, she often talked about the letter.
C. She didn”t forgive her daughter at all in all her life.
D. She read the letter again and again till she died.
( )55. What”s the best title of the passage?
A. My Letter to Mother
B. Mother and Children
C. My Mother”s Desk
D. Talks between Mother and Me
第II卷(非选择题 共四大题 共35分)
四. 听写(共10小题;每小题1分)
56. He said that fewer homes are using coal for cooking and ______.
57. Before you begin to eat, the tour guide _______ a tourist to the rest of the group.
58. The Great Lakes are the largest bodies of _______ water in the world.
59. People could still see her sweet smiles and _______ eyes.
60. I”ll ________ some water if you need.
61. Dad, this Sunday is Mother”s Day. I think each of us should give Mum a _____.
62. Mr. Li guessed it must _______ about 140 kilos.
63. To hold the Olympic Games in 2008 means ________ from all over the world will gather in Beijing.
64. These plates are _______ the seas and continents of the world.
65. Books give me _______ and make me happy.
五. 补全对话(共10小题;每小题1分)
Paul: ______________________________66?
Fred: No, I don”t. But I have to cook this evening.
Paul: ______________________________67?
Fred: Because my mother is going out on business. I”ll have to cook myself.
Paul: ______________________________68?
Fred: My mother does. She can cook very well.
Paul: Can your father cook?
Fred: No, he can”t.
Paul: ______________________________69?
Fred: I”ll cook Italian noodles.
Paul: ______________________________70?
Fred: Thank you.
Mrs Lee: Hello. 68178502.
David: Hello. ______________________________71?
Mrs Lee: Sorry. ______________________________72.
Can I take a message?
David: Yes. This is David, Bruce”s friend. I want to ask him for some Chinese ancient coins. He told me he had got some recently. 73 . I don”t care if they were made of different metals. I just want to add some more coins in my collection.
Mrs Lee: OK. I”ll tell him. Would you like him to ring you back later?
David: Well, I won”t be at home later this day. Would you please ask him to ring me tomorrow morning?
Mrs Lee: 74
David: Oh, sorry. 75 . The new number is 66129853.
Mrs Lee: OK. I”ll write a message for him.
David: It”s really nice of you, Madam. Thank you very much. Goodbye!
Mrs Lee: Bye!
六. 综合填空(共10小题,每小题1分)
Are you able to send a letter with pictures and sounds to someone anywhere in the world without putting a stamp on it? We 76 e-mail you can just do that. Using a c 77 you can send e-mail quickly and easily. The post is much s 78 than e-mail. E-mail can send i 79 message to the other side of the world in seconds.
E-mail is easy to use and it”s 80 time and money. The differences in time in different parts of the world do not mater w 81 sending e-mail. It is twenty-four-hour service(服务)that you can send e-mail at any time of the day or n 82 . No one has to be t 83 to receive e-mail. It d 84 matter if your friends are in bed when you send e-mail to them, or you are seeing a f 85 at the cinema when they send e-mail back.
七. 书面表达(共5分)


1. 词数在40-60个左右。
2. 把图中所示内容表达完整,条理清晰,意思连贯。
WٍƱֻapp3. 开头部分已经给出,不计入总词数。
nursing home敬老院 have a chat with 同……聊天
aged年老的give some performances表演节目


1-5 AACCB 6-10 ABACB
11-15 BCCAB 16-20 ABBCB
21-25 CBCDB 26-30 ACCDA
31-35 CBBDB 36-40 ABCBD
41-45 DACDA 46-50 BBDAD
51-55 CABDC
56. heating 57. introduces 58. fresh 59. cheerful
60. fetch 61. gift 62. weigh 63. athletes
64. beneath 65. knowledge
66. Do you like cooking?
67. Why do you have to cook this evening?
68. Who cooks every day in your family?
69. hat will you cook this evening?
70. Enjoy your noodles!
71. Could I speak to Bruce, please?
72. He”s not in at the moment.
73. I”m not sure if he would give me one or two.
74. Has he got your telephone number?
75. My(telephone)number has changed.
76. With 77. computer
78. slower 79. its 80. saves
81. when 82. night 83. there
84. doesn”t 85. film
one possible version:
Yesterday our class organized an activity to serve the aged people in Meijiang Nursing Home. Early in the morning, we gathered at the school gate and went there together. The aged people were very happy to see us and we had a chat with them. Then we began to do the cleaning. At noon, we had lunch together. After a short rest, we gave them some performanes. When it was already late in the afternoon, we had to say good-bye to them